HELLO, wonderful podcast lısteners!

I'm Mathieu Bolillo, your holistic calisthenics coach and handstand master.

30 years of high-level gymnastics and Cirque du Soleil experience, now at your service to help you master handstand and calisthenics with confidence!

Are you ready to defy gravity and become a handstand master?

My 14-day challenge is here to unlock the secret to walking on your hands. No more excuses like "I'm not strong enough" or "I'm too busy." With my step-by-step approach and expert guidance, you'll be amazed at how quickly you progress.

Get ready to impress your friends and achieve your ultimate fitness goal.

Let's do this!

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I have learned so much over the months I have worked with Mathieu; How to warm-up correctly and how to structure my practice to ensure I increase my strength and remain healthy and injury free. My handstands have improved 100%. I am able to hold a handstand at will!! My confidence improved and I feel like I can start learning more difficult skills because I have a solid base to work from.”


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